The Bain case was once clear and simple and the original jury had no difficulty in reaching their decision. Since then it has been muddied and obfuscated by a persistent and determined campaign to declare the original investigation a shambles and to paint Robin Bain as something that he was very unlikely to be. The simple plain truth of the case can be rediscovered by looking at the evidence in an impartial and balanced manner:

Facts and Evidence

  • Bain rifle magazine find unusual. A former police officer said at court in 2009 that he thought it ''unusual'' a rifle magazine near the dead body of Robin Bain was sitting on its...

  • Bain had 'strange' relationship with sister
    Last updated 16:28 22/04/2009

    David Bain changed from being a geeky young man into a confident almost egotistical person on stage,...

  • David Bain had a compelling motive to commit the murders. This motive is articulated by David himself in the booklet published by Joe Karam in 2001 called Innocent: Seven Critical Flaws in the...

  • When police checked the Bain washing machine on the day of the murders one of the items found was a large pair of blue track-pants.

    The court of appeal in 2003 said that...

  • A school psychologist provided testimony in the retrial that Robin Bain was suffering depression.  It was inferred from this that he was depressed enough to want to commit suicide and for...

  • David Bain's 111 call on the morning of his family's murder was "unique", the 111 operator who took the call said. Thomas Dempsey said he received Bain's call to emergency services on the morning...

  • Fingerprints in blood were found on the rifle that killed the Bain family. There was no doubt that these were David Bain's prints.  There were no signs of Robin...

  • The gun belonged to David and was kept in his room. 

    Robin, at the time of the killings was living in a caravan outside the house.  There is some controversy over who did and didn...

Latest News on the Bain Case

  • 23 Feb, 2015
    John Key, on Newstalk ZB, has stated that the Bain team have to prove that Robin committed the murders in order to become eligible for compensation.  The compensation bid has already cost a similar amount to any reasonable compensation handout but as Key says, this is not about the money but doing the right thing.
  • 21 Feb, 2015
    The public forum is open again here at counterspin.  It has been 18 months since the defamation trial and almost 12 months since the verdict.  Counterspin is still open, and we are entitled to counter the spin that has been spun about Robin Bain being a murderous, decrepit, unbalanced, depressive maniac.  The compensation has not been decided and the petition is still in progress....
  • 20 Feb, 2015
    Joe Karam, David Bain's chief supporter has come out against the idea of rejecting Justice Binnie's report of 2012.  He denies that he is comfortable with the decision and likens it to " when someone holds a gun to your head and and says 'do this' - well, you're comfortable to do it 'cos you'll get shot if you don't."
  • 20 Feb, 2015
    Martin Van Beynen, of the Christchurch Press who attended the fuill retrial in 2009 and wrote an epic opinion piece on the trial and his verdict that David Bain has guilty, has echoed calls from counterspin and Justice for Robin Bain members that the new judge or inquirer not make the same mistakes as Justice Binnie.
  • 19 Feb, 2015
    Cabinet has released the results of their discussion on the Bain Compensation, and have decided to get a new inquirer to provide them with third party advice on David Bain's culpability in the Bain Murders. As emphasised in the cabinet rulings, cabinet does not have to pay compensation to David Bain and the advice of the inquirer is advice only and not binding in any way. Attached are cabinet...
  • 27 Nov, 2014
    Professor Andrew Geddis says [I think Fishers core criticism of Binnies approach to the physical evidence is right. Otago University Law School Dean Mark Henaghan [ ]
  • 11 Oct, 2013
    In a recent interview for TVNZ, in relation to the recent allegations of residue marks on Robin's thumb, his brother, Michael was interviewed and continues to maintain his support for Robin's innocence in the face of allegations made by the Bain defence.  Michael Bain considers his brother to be a man of integrity and refuses to comment on the motivation of the Bain defence, and specifically...
  • 04 Sep, 2013
    David Bain is appealing, through his lawyers, for access to the documents previously disallowed by Justice Keane.  The Appeal will be lodged in a number of weeks, further postponing the judicial review process and any consequent decision on compensation.
  • 30 Aug, 2013
    The Herald is reporting that Alec Dempster says there were no cuts or marks on Robin's hands: "No cuts or marks were noted on Robin Bain's hands following his death because there were no cuts or marks, says the Dunedin pathologist who examined his body."
  • 29 Aug, 2013
    Judge Kean rejected the application for discovery of some 250 documents which the applicants, David Bain and Joe Karam wanted to have access to for their judicial review into Judith Collin's decision regarding Justice Binnie's report on David Bain's compensation.  In so doing he cited Lord Bingham with the following at paragraph [149]:
  • 21 Aug, 2013
    David Bain's judicial review in respect of the Binnie report has so far failed to produce any postive result of for the petitioner.  The court has found in favour of Judith Collins.  See TV3 News, Yahoo News, DomPost,
  • 13 Aug, 2013
    The police, in the company of Mr Karam, will endeavour to test the rifle used in the Bain murders.  The police are undertaking this exercise in response to the 3rd degree documentary that was screened in June.