The police have determined that Darryl Young, the photocopier salesman who supposedly sold a photocopier to Robin Bain and then testified about the circumstances surrounding that transaction gave untruthful evidence.  At this stage they have ruled out perjury charges.  Darryl Young was a last minute witness for the Defence for whom the Prosecution did not have an opportunity to test for veracity.  The Bain Defence have responded with their now familair "unadulterated rubbish" quip.


The public forum at counterspin has been reopened for general discussion and people are welcome to register on the site and join in the conversation.  Even though the retrial is over and the verdict is out, the true meaning of the verdict is being tested again and again through post trial activity such as the Injustice Conference and reports of an impending film on the case.

David Bain has been booked to speak at an Injustice Conference to be held in Perth in March 2012.

Recent complaints made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority against TVNZ as a result of Bryan Bruce's documentary, The Case Against Robin Bain, were all not upheld except for one.


Since the end of the retrial new testimony has arisen regarding the Bain case.  This testimony comes from someone who knew the Bain children and was out of the country until just before the trial and had not been made aware that the case had been brought back into play.

Since the compensation bid was rejected the second human interest story has been or is about to be published directly related to it.   According to the herald, this story is to be published in New Idea magazine soon.

Prior to the murders, David Bain's only previous means of earning income consisted of a paper run and a social welfare benefit.  Extrapolating that over the 15 year period since, the result would be that he would have no money now anyway.

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James McNeish, the author of Mask of Sanity is receiving a knighthood in the New Years Honours list.  McNeish attended the first trial in 1995 and wrote the Mask of Sanity to help illuminate some of the background to the Bain story.  He did extensive research, including interviewing people who lived in Papua and New Guinea at the same time as the Bains.  His conclusion was that the original trial produced the correct verdict.  Here is what he had to say when approached by