John Key has spoken to journalists about the David Bain compensation application currently before the government. Due to not "wanting to intersect himself" into the process undertaken by the Minister of Justice who is currently out of the country, Key was not able to offer any great amount of information, except to repeat that Bain has to pass the extraordinary circumstances test and has to be found to be more likely than not, innocent.

The Minister of Justice, Judith Collins has postponed her decision on compensation for David Bain until after the New Year.  It has previously been leaked that Justide Binnie recommends compensation be paid as a result of his year long investigation of the case.  Now it is being reported that the Justice Minister isn't entirely happy with the recommendation or the report.

TVNZ has broadcast an interview with a member of the jury that took part in the 2009 retrial.  In this programme, the juror reveals material previously published here on counterspin regarding the behaviour of some of the jury members during the retrial in which jury members did things which they were explicitly told not to, such as view and even bring into court, documents taken from Joe Karam's website and visit Every St, the scene of the crime.

Bryan Bruce's documentary The Case Against Robin Bain is now on Youtube.  This documentary was originally published July in 2010.  It is just as relevent now as when it was first screened. 

Justice Binnie from Canada has completed his assessment of David Bain's compensation bid and handed in his report to the Ministry of Justice.  Judith Collins, the Minister has announced that she will be talking with Justice Binnie and making her decision in due course.

Justice Binnie spent a day in Auckland interviewing David Bain.  It is not known yet how much longer the compensation investigation will take.  When complete Binnie will report to the government who then make a decision regarding compensation or not.

Justice Binnie is in Dunedin interviewing people involved in the original Bain investigation. Earlier reports indicated that Binnie might interview the policemen involved in the original investigation and they still live in Dunedin.

See it on Otago Daily Times.

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On July 18 - 19 was scheduled a hearing for two preliminary applications, one from Joe Karam which was to strike out most of the Justice for Robin Bain defences, including truth and qualified privilege and one from Justice for Robin Bain which was to question the tenability of hundreds of items in the claim.  Neither application will now be heard and both have been essentially dropped.  Karam has dropped his application, and has changed his claim in response to the application from Justice for Robin Bain and therefore any reason for the hearing taking place as scheduled no longer

Justice Binnie will interview David Bain in July in relation to the compensation bid currently before the government.  David Bain will be accompanied by representatives.  Justice Binnie also intends interviewing Milton Weir and Jim Doyle, two policemen who took part in the original investigation.  Both have since left the police force.