The Bain retrial cost the police $519,954 to prosecute.  This does not include the man hours put into it which are not calculated and which are estimated in the thousands.  These costs cover travel, accommodation and witness expenses.  Other costs to the prosecution include the fees paid to the prosecution lawyers.

Yes, Muddied Waters is back, although it never actually went away, and is still only accessible to registered users.  Muddied Waters is an account of the Bain saga and we now have new chapters, including a review of Karam's latest book, Trial by Ambush, in which the author, Bryan Forrest, tries to locate the alleged "ambush" but as yet to no avail.  One of the new chapters is published and more are to come.  You will need to login to read the book, and if you have not registered on the site, registr

Joe Karam recently complained to TV3 about the name of a dog that was due to be shown in a comedy programme on that channel.  The dog's name was to be Lundybainwatson, allegedly because these are three well known criminal cases.  Karam had the following to say:

A date has been set down for a settlement conference between Karam, Parker and other parties directly involved in the legal action taken against Justice for Robin Bain Group and counterspin.

Karam is keen to have a settlement conference and has initiated this event which is to be on 2 July 2012 in the High Court in Auckland and will be presided over in front of an associate judge.

On May 28 and 29 Joe Karam vs Parker and Anor is scheduled for a two day hearing.  This hearing is to settle a second strike out attempt from Karam against Parker and Anor's statement of defence.  Karam is trying to strike out the respondents right to defend his claim on the basis of truth and qualified privilege and remove their ability to mitigate damages.  On Parker and Anor's part they have put in a preliminary questions application to resolve problems with the meanings applied by Karam to the comments they and their associates made on Facebook, counterspin and Trademe.

Martin Van Beynen, who was in Perth for the event gives his account of the speech given by David Bain.  Contrary to Joe Karam's portrayal, Van Beynen contends that the original investigation 1994 was a "textbook investigation" which parallels our assessment and that of the Police

David Bain has attended an International Justice Conference being held in Perth over the weekend 10 - 11 March, during which he made a speech. 

The full speech David gave at the conference

Extracts from the speech

Mike Houlahan has read and reviewed the book and this can be read by following this link.  Once on the page close the window and then hover over the image of the book and click to enlarge.  His main point is that "the action drags terribly as Karam attempts to rack up more points against the Crown rather than inform or entertain the reader".  Houlahan's conclusion is that the book will not lay

Last week 60 Minutes had an interview with Joe Karam about the Bain case and this week it is David Bain's turn.  This, apparently, is the first ever TV interview of any length of David. Interestingly, TV3 was also responsible for having the human lie detector expert comment on David Bain (right at the end of this video), in 2009, however there wasn't sufficient video footage for him to make a comment, except the following: