The counterspin website has been created in conjunction with the Justice For Robin Bain Group which consists of about 40 active members and 600 passive members.  The aims of this group are as follows:

  1. To exonerate Robin Bain by revealing the true nature of the false campaign against him by promoting the counterspin website and defending against Joe Karam's defamation claims.
  2. To prevent compensation being paid out to David Bain for "false imprisonment".
  3. To prevent any further exploitation of the Bain case in the media either through International Conferences, books or movies and allow the Bain family to rest in peace.


I don't wish him well Kent !

I don't wish him well Kent ! He should be in prison for the rest of his life ,and I take exception to the last paragraph!!

I agree

I dont wish him well, I think he is a lying snide ********

I have now removed all

I have now removed all references to DB.

Well we can't really do

Well we can't really do anything about Db's status and as far as I am concerned none of this would have happened if it wasn't for JK.  He was the one to make the decision to keep bulldozing his way through the system to get the outcome that he got.  DB just kept his mouth shut.

Anyway, do you agree with the aims?

Well that isn't one of the

Well that isn't one of the aims as such, just a sign of good will.

I don't really have a problem

I don't really have a problem with the Not Guilty verdict but the methods used to obtain that verdict I do find as repugnant as the police using the same methods to obtain a Guilty verdict.

I believe one aim should be that a very wide ranging Commission of Inquiry into the Criminal Justice System in New Zealand, an inquiry to look at Police and their methods and integrity, the Prosecurial methods and integrity, the Judiciary and their integrity.

One question that begs an answer is; What is the purpose of the Criminal Justice System and the Legal System as a whole?

From my reading of a lot of reports from the English speaking commonwealth Countries and one thing becomes very clear, that the system could be very robust IF the participants displayed a even a small measure of hosesty and integrity and the failures would be few amd far between. But most of these countries HAVE recognised that the participants are human and don't like to loose and in reply to that threat have put in place truly indepentant measures to double check them.

Not one of these simple measures are in place in New Zealand, the Independant Police Complaints Authority chaired by a Judge and investigators who are in the main past members of NZ police. Prosecutors are "independant" but in reality they work for the System and if they are not successful them they are not used again. Judges sit in a vacumn "independant" and answerable only to to themselves. Defenders are, for the poor, hamstrung by Legal Aid and often have to rely on the honesty of police and prosecutors to do their duty. If that does not happen then the system fails  and there are no sanctions for this. 

I am opposed to the paying of compensation to DB and I believe BOTH trials and investigations should be subject to an inquiry by a TRULY independant authority. The last time that happened was in 1980 and the Government of the day choose to ignore its recommendations[except compensation] so in reality in spite of damning findings against police and prosecution nothing changed.

I joined the FB group when it

I joined the FB group when it was formed & we were called David Bain is Guilty ,so I don't see the need to even have that last sentence Kent !

OK.  It is not necessary and

OK.  It is not necessary and is not one of the aims anyway.  So, are you happy with the aims then!

Yes thank you Kent :)

Yes thank you Kent :)

Aims ok,but.

It seems to me that most people have lost interest in David Bain.There might be a resurgence should word of a compensation claim become public knowledge.

My main aim has always been to prevent any compensation being paid out.That is why I wrote to Simon Power.But the problem is how to find out if a claim is still ongoing.One has to think that Karam will keep pushing for compensation.And when I last looked at McDonald's blog I notice he said a claim was ongoing.But he might just be saying that to stir the pot.Somehow we need to find out where the compensation claim is at.I was contacting a person in Simon Power's office but he wasn't much use.He didn't even tell me about that fast track claim,perhaps he wasn't aware of it.

And of course Simon Power isn't the Minister of Justice now,and he is leaving Parliament anyway.What worries me is the first thing we will hear whether a claim has been accepted or turned down is when we read about it in the newspaper.It might be too late to do anything about it then.

Those are all good comments. 

Those are all good comments.  The purpose of putting the aims up is for the benefit of potential donors and if you look at the newly edited  "fighting fund" page you will see that I link to it.  I want people to see what our aims are and to see that they are not outrageous or stupid. 

We cannot guarantee whether or not the Bain case grabs more column inches (but I am sure it will, not only with the compensation bid, but also the justice conference and movie deals), but our defamation case and my whole focus on counterspin is about how the public perception of the merits of DB's guilt or not has been seriously coloured by the manner in which JK has presented facts of the case to the public.  This is a different approach to the topic that has not had much news, mainly because of JK's defamation threats. 

I want to reach a point where members of the public see that we have a valid argument to make, that we have some chance of success in bringing it across and that therefore it is worthwhile throwing a few dollars at. Before I go about soliciting funds from people I want to reach that point and I am focusing all my activities around that.

Not Sure how you could word

Not Sure how you could word it but one aim could be about ensure justice is done at the first attempt, that police investigation techniques be subject to constant questioning during the investigation as is now the case in Canada and some parts of the US and UK. This has proven very good at preventing tunnel vision and keeps investigation leadership focused on all possibilities not just the easiest. 

The second part of the aim must be the Evidence belongs to the Court NOT the Crown and evidence not in the custody of the court cannot be used or referred to Court in any manner.  Defence forensic evidence and Alibi Evidence are already subject to disclosure but to this must be added a requirement the if the defence is relying on the defence of another commited the crime then the defendent losses his right to not give evidence. This would bring the defence into line with the removal of the provocation defence.