Joe Karam has no Doubts.

In Karam's Book David and Goliath on page 203 Karam says Quote: I have no doubt that if the blood staining on Robin's clothing had been analysed for blood grouping, it would have been found to be the blood of deceased members of his family.

The blood has now been tested the results below.

Forensic scientist Dr Sally-Ann Harbison said samples taken from Robin Bain's bloodstained clothing were tested and the only full results were of his own DNA.

However forensic scientist Dr Sally-Ann Harbison said Blood stains on clothing David Bain wore contained the DNA of his brother Stephen. DNA in blood samples belonging to Steven Bain were found on David’s socks, and also on the front left, upper back and lower back of David's white T-shirt, and in a sample taken from a bloodstain on David's black shorts.