Talkback June 2013

5:03 minutes (5.78 MB)

Dissecting the Thumb Marks controversy with Michelle A'Court and Stephen Franks and friends.

RadioLive Interview with Joe Karam on 8 January 2013

11:30 minutes (13.17 MB)

This audio has been spliced and there is a join at about 3.30 where the words do not run together properly.  On this audio, Karam describes Michael Guest as a "liar and a crook".  We here at counterspin do not agree with this assessment and that Karam merely has sour grapes about being brought to task.  As a legal representative, he should have taken into account David's many changes of testimony, which David made, we believe, in an attempt to avoid justice.  Joe Karam should have taken these changes of testimony into account in his assessment of the Bain evidence and th

Bill Hodge on the Compensation bid

3:59 minutes (3.64 MB)

An interview between Marcus Lush and Bill Hodge, who is a University professor in law, commenting on the Bain compensation bid.  When asked his personal opinion, Bill Hodge, commented that he did not think that Robin could have done it, citing the full bladder evidence as crucial.

Karam speaks to Lush after the Bryan Bruce Documentary by Joe Karam and Marcus Lush

8:48 minutes (6.05 MB)

This is an interview between Marcus Lush and Joe Karam the day after the Bryan Bruce Documentary: The Case against Robin Bain.  Some classic quotes:

“No effort to get in touch with the defence team at all at any time”

While TV1 is bound by broadcasting rules, the joke here, of course, is that during his 13 year campaign Karam never allowed representation from the Prosecution in any of his books, booklets or media presentations.

Then we have this:

"The whole thing is a sham really".