Chuck Bird and Willie Jackson on RadioLive

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RadioLive 17 January


Willie thinks DB is guilty

It is interesting listening to Willie's logic.  Firstly he concedes that David Bain is most likely guilty, but then he goes onto say that he should be paid compensation because "he won".  Unfortunately that does not fit with the government recommendations on compensation in which the defendant has to be found innocent on balance of probabilities.  It's a good thing that Willie is a Radio Jock and not a Minister of the government!

Easy money

Hopefully, this little bet will keep this in the news at least on Radio Live.  I think I did pretty well against two of them.  Mind you I know Willie reasonable well and he has a good sense of humour.  We have had a couple of bets.  I won one and lost one. $100 each fromWillie and JT should be easy money.

If Rodney comes on again I will challenge him to a bet. I would bet again that he will not take me up.  Like most politicians they are happy to gamble with other people's money but not their own.

I wish I had more time but they gave me more than many.  Would have liked to have had a chance to suggest David go on with Oprah.  Be keen to see what others think.