Karam speaks to Lush after the Bryan Bruce Documentary by Joe Karam and Marcus Lush

This is an interview between Marcus Lush and Joe Karam the day after the Bryan Bruce Documentary: The Case against Robin Bain.  Some classic quotes:

“No effort to get in touch with the defence team at all at any time”

While TV1 is bound by broadcasting rules, the joke here, of course, is that during his 13 year campaign Karam never allowed representation from the Prosecution in any of his books, booklets or media presentations.

Then we have this:

"The whole thing is a sham really".

Karam: "The police should be called in to arrest him for all the crap he put in there last night"

Lush: "So you think the police should arrest  the documentary maker?"

Karam: "Absolutely.  Masquerading as a genuine documentary maker, it’s a serious crime Marcus."

Ah, Bryan Bruce won an award for A Question of Justice, the first documentary he did on the Bain case.  Tut, tut Karam this is all potentially defamatory.