RadioLive Interview with Joe Karam on 8 January 2013

This audio has been spliced and there is a join at about 3.30 where the words do not run together properly.  On this audio, Karam describes Michael Guest as a "liar and a crook".  We here at counterspin do not agree with this assessment and that Karam merely has sour grapes about being brought to task.  As a legal representative, he should have taken into account David's many changes of testimony, which David made, we believe, in an attempt to avoid justice.  Joe Karam should have taken these changes of testimony into account in his assessment of the Bain evidence and thereby saved the NZ taxpayer millions of dollars in wasted funds.


Just more garbage and general

Just more garbage and general nonsence from good ole Joe, its good to see Guest has hit a raw nerve right in Joe's heart its really upset him so I suggest at the next fight for life Guest and stubby ole Joe should line up and slug it out.

What a load of

I find it so amusing.  As if we need more proof of Karam's enormous ego.  "Who is C K Stead" he asks.  "He should stick to writing poems" he says.  Well Joe should have stuck to Rugby or importing and marketing dodgy exercise equipment.  But Joe thinks he is the supreme investigator.  Guest is a "liar and a crook" and the police should charge him with "fraud" says Karam.  No evidence of fraud offered of course to substantiate such an allegation.  If anyone dared say similar about Karam they would be hearing from his lawyers about now.  Joe you need to wake up.  I loved you as an All Black but now I detest you because everytime I hear you on  radio or TV, I hear a nasty spiteful arrogant self-opinionated man.  You have destroyed your own reputation so don't go suiting others for doing it. 

here here!

here here!

Joe should take a defamation

Joe should take a defamation suit against himself after all he has been the one most responsible for his defaming. This is all just honest opinion of course.


In the interview Karam says Judith Collins should have taken notice of the report by Binnie, the result of the second trial and the ruling by the Privy Council. Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't think the PC made any rulling about David Bain's guilt or otherwise. Also another that made me laugh was when Wallace commented on the destroyed evidence and asked Karam's opinion, Karam replied "that would be speculation" as if speculation was a no-no. What the hell was all that stuff Karam put forward as hard evidence if not speculation??