Bill Hodge on the Compensation bid

An interview between Marcus Lush and Bill Hodge, who is a University professor in law, commenting on the Bain compensation bid.  When asked his personal opinion, Bill Hodge, commented that he did not think that Robin could have done it, citing the full bladder evidence as crucial.


Full bladder

If we accept that Robin Bain was shot either while he was praying or after he had finished praying then we have to accept he did not feel the need to go the toilet before he started his prayers.
So the argument has to be that he would have gone to the toilet before he went round shooting his family.
In my opinion the full bladder is not crucial evidence.
The glasses and the scratches are crucial evidence,followed by Stephen's blood on David's shorts,the bruises on David Bain's head,plus David Bain's fingerprints on the rifle and those bloody gloves of his that were found in Stephen's room.
Then you could probably say the washing machine cycle,that "maybe" bloodstain on David's Gondolier's T-shirt,.and after that maybe the full bladder.