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Joe Karam fails to prove David Bains innocence.

Joe Karam has failed in his bid to secure a compensation payment for David Bain from the New Zealand Justice Department. This was brought about unsurprisingly by his complete failure to supply any convincing evidential information to Justice Callinan, “the person given the job of deciding if David Bain was innocent on the balance of probabilities”.

Ian Callinan and the balance of probabilities.

There are many who believe that the Bain family murder case is one of New Zealand’s most enduring mysteries, and I must admit there are fascinating aspects of the case that sets it apart from other murder cases, for instance there were five killed and five separate murder or death scenes, all the dead were found in separate rooms so five entirely individual crime scenes, the first fascinating fact is that there is absolutely no forensic or circumstantial evidence whatsoever that puts Robin Bain in any of the murder rooms apart from the room where he died in yet David Bain’s defence team say

Witnesses testified that Laniet was scared of David.

Joanne Dryden a former teacher of Laniet Bain and another witness Marcelle Nader Turner testified at trial in 2009 that David’s sister Laniet Bain had a chance meeting with them the day before she died, Laniet had told them that David had organised a meeting for the Sunday night and that she did not want to go and that she was scared of David and that he was freaky.  Video HERE

Errors in Ian Binnie's Report Help to Find Robin Bain Guilty

I have discovered another major error in the Binnie report. This error of “incorrect assumptions and or not reading the evidence correctly” by Binnie unfortunately connects Robin Bain to the murders, I cannot understand how such an error could have been made.

From the Binnie report page 38

David Bain told the Police at the initial interview after the murders that when he got
home Robin had already collected the newspaper. This meant Robin was already inside the

Canadian Judge Ian Binnie makes another serious error with evidence.

All through Ian Binnies report he mentions that the 10 shot bullet magazine found on its thin edge by Robins outstretched hand is “empty” as you can see in paragraphs from his report below but at the bottom of this page there is a picture of the magazine clearly showing one live round and not empty as his report continually says, in fact there were three live rounds in the ten shot magazine. So Just another evidence error in this case. The magazine being found empty reflected negatively for Robin, but of course it was not empty.

Is Robin Bain Guilty?

It appears that the conclusion from Judge Ian Binnie as to whether David Bain is innocent on the balance of probabilities has been leaked to the media. If Judge Binnie’s conclusion is that David Bain is innocent then by default this would mean that he has found that David’s father Robin was the killer of four of his family members.

According to Judge Binnie, Robin would now be the person that shot his wife Margaret his two daughters Laniet and Arawa and strangled and shot his 14 year old son Stephen.

  • Joe Karam: They had to base their judgment on the evidence, not their feelings or emotions

    I feel a great pity for the jurors who sat to pronounce verdict on David Bain. I am sure that they were perplexed as to why this perfectly normal young man committed this atrocity. They had to base their judgment on the evidence presented to them, not their feelings or emotions. And the evidence was palpably false and misleading.

    Joe Karam David and Goliath page 137