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Why didn’t the defence blame a 3rd party for the Bain murders?

I am firmly in the camp that David is guilty. I believe David Bain and David Bain alone murdered his entire family on June 20th 1994. My previous blog from 2010 “The Mountain vs The Molehill” outlines all the evidence David cannot account for, which also exculpates his father Robin from any involvement. Plus I doubt I would be posting here if I believed anything else.

Does David Bains Walkman Music Tell A Story Of It's Own?

David Bains walkman that he listened to on his paper round that morning contained a tape of Queens hits.

Not unusual, they were still a very popular band in 1994. Still are. Albiet most of that music was at least 10-15 years old by that point, and David was into Opera music. Bohemian Rhapsody is a song that contains some A Capella, but most of Queens music hardly fit into that catagory. Though they did put out an album titled Night at the Opera, all of their music was rock, and later on electronic rock.

Some song titles from Queen;

The Mountain Vs The Molehill


The Mountain Vs The Molehill; Why David Bain Should Not Be Compensated For The 1994 Murders Of His Family.

On the 20 June 1994, police received a desperate 111 call from David Bain. He claimed he had returned home from his paper round to find his entire family dead. During the roughly one minute long call, he recalled his phone number and address with amazing clarity, almost as if rehearsed, and the operator advised help would arrive shortly.

  • Joe Karam: David is not Innocent

    From the Herald in 2000, Karam said:

    I'm not anti-police. I'm quite a redneck on matters of crime and punishment. I have absolutely no problem with cops in general. I didn't think David was innocent but I did think that his conviction was extraordinarily unsafe. And when I got the bum's rush from them on it, I thought something was up.