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Trial by Ambush - impressions, questions, things I want to share on first reading

I've just started reading Trial by Ambush and am finding it interesting. Having read part 1 of 5 and studied the photos I have placed about 20 stickits in the book already and so decided to record why at the end of each part.

Firstly interesting to me the photo of DB's room in TbA is similar to the one in D&G but taken from a different angle. The pillow on the floor behind the bed is in a totally different position in both photos.

Pg 12 description of scene in lounge with RB's body - no mention made of cartridge case on floor.

Embellishments, Exaggerations and Misrepresentations

Around and around I go. My head is so full of spin after the Laws-Karam debate that I fear it may be wrenched from my shoulders at any moment. A second listen to the debate has brought many issues to the fore for me: embellishments, exaggerations and misrepresentations overshadowed Karam’s lack of hard evidence. It’s easy to see how people get sucked into his vortex so easily... and once in, the centrifugal force traps them there forever.