David Bain had a great deal of bad luck.

Bad luck that his father was able to find the spare trigger lock key. 
Bad luck that his father decided to wear David's gloves instead of his own.
Bad luck that his father decided to wear gloves even though he was going to commit suicide.
Bad luck that the only identifiable prints on the rifle were David's.
Bad luck that those prints were in pristine condition and hadn't been smeared with all the handling of the rifle that morning.
Bad luck that his father took the 10 shot magazine out of the rifle while it still had three rounds in it and placed it upright on the floor when he could have just left it in the firearm. 
Bad luck that David had Stephen's blood on his clothes.
Bad luck that the glasses belonging to his mother that he said he wore when his were unavailable were found in a damaged condition in his room with one lens missing.
Bad luck that the missing lens was found in Stephen's room.
Bad luck that David told his lawyer that he had been wearing his mother's glasses on the Sunday night prior to the killings. 
Bad luck that his aunt testified that David had told her he had been wearing a pair of his mother's glasses that weekend.
Bad luck that he had bruises on his head and torso consistent with him having been a fight/struggle.
Bad luck that his father changed into some tatty old clothes before he supposedly committed suicide.
Bad luck David didn't realise  those clothes that his father changed out of were in the wash-basket and that he put them in the washing machine without seeing any blood on them.
Bad luck that his father did not have enough blood on his hands to enable that blood to be tested. 
Bad luck that his father typed a message on the computer instead of hand-writing one.
Bad luck that the message on the computer amounted to David's superiority over the rest of the family.
Bad luck that his father's head appeared to have been moved subsequent to his death. 
Bad luck that his father's body appeared to have been moved subsequent to his death. 
Bad luck his father had a full bladder. 
Bad luck that David apparently fainted after finding his family dead and that he didn't "come around" until after twenty minutes had passed. Had he not fainted he would have phoned the emergency services straight away and the police would have arrived twenty minutes earlier and found the washing machine still operating.
Bad luck that David told the phone operator that all his family was dead then later told a police officer he had only seen his mother and father.
Bad luck that David didn't turn his bedroom light on when he arrived home. Had he done so he would have seen the trigger lock on the floor and wouldn't have done the washing.
Bad luck that when the washing machine cycle was tested it took an hour.
Bad luck that Laniet told acquaintances that she met when going to work on the Sunday that she didn't want to go to the family meeting that David had called for that evening because he was acting freaky and that she was frightened of him.
Bad luck his Gondolier's T-shirt had a stain that looked like blood on it that he said wasn't there when he put it in the wash the previous evening.
Bad luck that he told a female companion prior to the killings that something terrible was going to happen.  
Bad luck he told his friend Mark Buckley of his plan to molest a female jogger using his paper round as an alibi.
Bad luck his right-handed father supposedly shot himself in the left temple and did so without removing the silencer from the rifle.
Bad luck his father supposedly changed magazines when there was no need to and placed the magazine he removed upright on the floor.
Bad luck that David heard his sister gurgling and described that gurgling exactly how she would have gurgled if she had been shot once through the cheek and was still alive.
Bad luck that David saw his mother's eyes open when experts said they should have shut shortly after she was shot through the eyelid.
Bad luck that when the photo of the bloody sock print was taken that the luminol didn't show up so it could be proved to have shown the extremities of the heel and toes. 
Bad luck that he told police officers the green jersey that it was later proved to have been worn by the killer belonged to Arawa.
Bad luck that the blue track pants in the wash which he never admitted were his were too long to have been worn by any other family member.  
Bad luck that he said he didn't bring the paper in which meant that his father must have  brought it in even though he was apparently intending to commit suicide.


I agree with Bill that you've nailed it!! I'd add one more "Bad luck" though:

"Bad luck there are still so many people who believe David is guilty."


Excellent post Mike,

Very refreshing to find this forum with some intelligent analysis of the case, after having to contend with hearing the uncritical approach to the case by the media.

Media`s approach to pandering to Karams viewpoint and the fingerprint testing debacle, whilst ignoring the rest of the evidence which points to David is appalling. This site is a breath of fresh air..