Reinvigorating the Counterspin Campaign in preparation for Callinan's Report

As the time draws near for the release of the report from the second judge tasked with deliberating on the issue of David Bain's possible culpability in the Bain Murders, it is time to get back into campaign mode. We have successfully beaten off an attempt to impose an injunction on Counterspin which would have prevented us from publishing altogether and now we can focus again on achieving the purpose this site was set up for, which is to counter the spin surrounding the events of June 1994 and prevent compensation being paid out to David Bain for alleged false imprisonment.

Any case like this has its twists and turns and things which happen out of the blue.  In the Bain case, such an event may possibly be upon us sooner or later, which, if it becomes public, will cast the Bain retrial in a different light.  Let's call this impending moment 'Baingate' to signify that it will result in considerable upending of public opinion about the whole saga and propel the case towards the kind of justifiable conclusion that it needs and deserves.

I am not going to outline measures we will take as part of the enlivened campaign, not at least until they are underway, but I hope that I have them refined and ready for when Callinan's report comes out or 'Baingate' suddenly arrives.



There will be another book coming out about the Bain saga , hopefully early next year, so perhaps we should wait to see what the author has to say  before taking any further steps.  Personally I would like see some pressure put on David Bain to front up and and answer a few questions, but realistically I can't see that happening. 

The book is unlikely to

The book is unlikely to include anything we don't already know, although if it gets good coverage, then it might prove a watershed to many other people.  I will certainly promote it on this site.


I reckon there will be a few things we were not aware of in that book going by what I have already heard. 



From what I have heard there may be some really interesting developments.


Unlikely, it was cut and dried, right from the start.


Never was any doubt, never will be.


That book won't be just about David Bain, you can bet on that. 

Every time he opens his mouth

Every time he opens his mouth he incriminates himself further. No wonder he was advised against testifying at retrial.

  • Joe Karam: David is not Innocent

    From the Herald in 2000, Karam said:

    I'm not anti-police. I'm quite a redneck on matters of crime and punishment. I have absolutely no problem with cops in general. I didn't think David was innocent but I did think that his conviction was extraordinarily unsafe. And when I got the bum's rush from them on it, I thought something was up.