Beautifully cut nails huh...

Not what you'd expect from the man as described by JK! :)

Very Neat nails considering

Very Neat nails considering the previous days work on the rusty spounting and roof.

if they were long and uncut...

then yes, you'd expect to see some damage.

But he keeps them short and tidy - so one wouldn't expect to see damage from some roof and spouting work.

(Long nails break easily, short do not).

Good points

These are all good points, but didn't the marks on Robin's thumb go in a different direction?

  • Joe Karam: Making money

    People ask me what I do, and I say, I think. That’s how I make my money. I spend a lot of time on my own and you can make a lot more money thinking than you can working. With the Bain case, I think about things that never dawn on other people.

    Joe Karam, quoted by Amanda Spratt, Listener, 2007.