Witnesses testified that Laniet was scared of David.

Joanne Dryden a former teacher of Laniet Bain and another witness Marcelle Nader Turner testified at trial in 2009 that David’s sister Laniet Bain had a chance meeting with them the day before she died, Laniet had told them that David had organised a meeting for the Sunday night and that she did not want to go and that she was scared of David and that he was freaky.  Video HERE

  • Joe Karam: They had to base their judgment on the evidence, not their feelings or emotions

    I feel a great pity for the jurors who sat to pronounce verdict on David Bain. I am sure that they were perplexed as to why this perfectly normal young man committed this atrocity. They had to base their judgment on the evidence presented to them, not their feelings or emotions. And the evidence was palpably false and misleading.

    Joe Karam David and Goliath page 137