The truth must be banned

Have just been told from Trade Me that my posts are defamatory, its not true of course, its always OK to quote exact words spoken or written by Karam, its a damn shame when a major business concern are running scared from a person like Karam, I think this was the post that got me suspended, it is the exact words spoken by the 3 people mentioned, freedom of speech it seems is dead.

[ The 111 call ]
Defense forensic speech Scientist Dr Philip Rose said on Campbell live that
all of the acoustics in question are pretty clearly results of deliberate

No Room for Vindictiveness

Karam is currently suing both JFRB and TradeMe for defamation.  In taking on NZ largest internet trading company, TradeMe and its parent company Fairfax, as well as a bunch of ordinary NZ citizens in the form of the Justice for Robin Bain group, Joe Karam has really gone over the top (and I claim the right to say that, whether other people think it is defamatory or not!).

The Mountain Vs The Molehill


The Mountain Vs The Molehill; Why David Bain Should Not Be Compensated For The 1994 Murders Of His Family.

On the 20 June 1994, police received a desperate 111 call from David Bain. He claimed he had returned home from his paper round to find his entire family dead. During the roughly one minute long call, he recalled his phone number and address with amazing clarity, almost as if rehearsed, and the operator advised help would arrive shortly.

Maybe another book?

It would appear that Karam's latest novel is definitely going to be published at some point.I have been told that he is still working on it.

I wondered if maybe this group might be able to cobble together something.

Not in opposition to Muddied Waters,of course.

I was thinking something along the lines of "The Bain Murders.Whodunnit? You be the Judge".Something like that.

Pretty basic.Mainly relating to the evidence.but even then not getting too much into the forensics.

Mask of Sanity

Just finished re-reading McNeish's book.  Amazing the things I noticed which I had forgotten or perhaps didn't fully appreciate the first time.  Very much more professional than JK's books.  Proper citing of sources and quotations.  The result of attendance at the trial and interviewing many people etc.  The things that really impress me was the brilliant summing up by both Mr Wright and Williamson J. thorough and comprehensive.  Unfortunately Guest never gave his script so have to rely on Newspaper reportage.

Where was the caravan?

I wonder if you very knowledgeable people can help me clarify something.  I have been re-reading McNeish's book and some idea's are forming in my mind around the various accounts David gave on 111 call, in police interview and in his evidence at first trial regarding the order in which he said he found the victims and also the part of it that he said that he forgot and then recovered the memory of. To complete my thinking, I need to know exactly where the caravan was situated.  On page 30, McNeish says that it was "behind the house".