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David Bain had a great deal of bad luck.

Bad luck that his father was able to find the spare trigger lock key. 
Bad luck that his father decided to wear David's gloves instead of his own.
Bad luck that his father decided to wear gloves even though he was going to commit suicide.
Bad luck that the only identifiable prints on the rifle were David's.
Bad luck that those prints were in pristine condition and hadn't been smeared with all the handling of the rifle that morning.

Robin Bain was not evicted from the house

For what it is worth, David Bain has confirmed my assertion that Robin was not evicted from the house. But then do we trust what David has to say?  Karam has asserted that David does not know all of the evidence.  Is this more evidence that "David does not know?".  Surely David is relating the following from his own recollection and since none of this evidence is crucial, then he would have no reason to fabricate it.

What was the catalyst?

Was there a defining moment that caused David Bain to decide to kill his family?
I have a feeling it relates to the proposed new house.
At a geneology meeting he had called three weeks before the murders Robin Bain had mentioned that Margaret was talking about building a new house and that she had told him he wasn't going to be part of it,but he said that didn't matter because they couldn't afford to build a new house anyway.

Mark Buckley,Gareth Taylor and Kirsten Koch's Inadmissable Evidence

It was with some disbelief that we mere mortal laypeople of the land heard that crucial evidence in the Bain retrial was ruled inadmissable.  This is in reference to the testimonies of Mark Buckley, Gareth Taylor and Kirsten Koch which was reported on Nationwide television after the trial and once suppression orders had been lifted on its publication.  The hearing that relates to the ruling against their evidence is attached.

Daryl Young vs TVNZ / Bryan Bruce and Karam vs Fairfax

Daryl Young, represented by Michael Reed, is still pursuing defamation action against TVNZ and Bryan Bruce in relation to the 2010 documentary, the Case Against Robin Bain.  See the pdf attached.

In the hearing that took place in July 2012, the judge determined that the programme itself cannot have represented any of the alleged defamatory meanings, but where commentators have said that Daryl Young lied or was untruthful, then that could be defamatory if incorrect.  This includes the police letter.  Therefore the defendants have a case to answer.

Karam sees the compensation bid as a dispute

This blog post relates to the interview between Geoff Robinson and Joe Karam which can be heard here

Joe Karam's main argument for going ahead with the judicial review is that the Bain team, including him, were not consulted regarding the Fisher peer review that she commissioned.  He likens this to an employment dispute in which one party in the dispute is not invited to be present.  It is on this basis that the application is made with the following pleadings:

Lance Armstrong has finally confessed, what about David Bain?

Opinion: After more than a decade of denials, Lance Armstrong has finally confessed to what he was accused, on a recent episode of Oprah.  Lance Armstrong has now admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs in his quest for multiple cycling victories in the Tour de France.

What about David Bain?  When will he confess?

Final Suggestion to Make to the Ministry Regarding the Balance of Probabilities Problem

After much discussion and several blog posts, I have got a final proposal to put to the Ministry.  The contents of this blog post, after edits, will become the content of a media release and a submission to the Ministry on behalf of counterspin.

Proposal to the Ministry

There is no need to conduct any more research or get any more reports done.  Justice Binnie's report provides a good framework for resolving the compensation issue by highlighting in one document the relevant issues.