Does David Bains Walkman Music Tell A Story Of It's Own?

David Bains walkman that he listened to on his paper round that morning contained a tape of Queens hits.

Not unusual, they were still a very popular band in 1994. Still are. Albiet most of that music was at least 10-15 years old by that point, and David was into Opera music. Bohemian Rhapsody is a song that contains some A Capella, but most of Queens music hardly fit into that catagory. Though they did put out an album titled Night at the Opera, all of their music was rock, and later on electronic rock.

Some song titles from Queen;

Errors in Ian Binnie's Report Help to Find Robin Bain Guilty

I have discovered another major error in the Binnie report. This error of “incorrect assumptions and or not reading the evidence correctly” by Binnie unfortunately connects Robin Bain to the murders, I cannot understand how such an error could have been made.

From the Binnie report page 38

David Bain told the Police at the initial interview after the murders that when he got
home Robin had already collected the newspaper. This meant Robin was already inside the

Canadian Judge Ian Binnie makes another serious error with evidence.

All through Ian Binnies report he mentions that the 10 shot bullet magazine found on its thin edge by Robins outstretched hand is “empty” as you can see in paragraphs from his report below but at the bottom of this page there is a picture of the magazine clearly showing one live round and not empty as his report continually says, in fact there were three live rounds in the ten shot magazine. So Just another evidence error in this case. The magazine being found empty reflected negatively for Robin, but of course it was not empty.

Assumptions Based on Incorrect Facts

Opinion: So it is now official, Justice Binnie's assessment of David Bain's compensation bid goes down the dunny.  Since the Minister of Justice expressed dissatisfaction with the report to Binnie himself, in September, he has submitted two revisions, both of which were unsolicited.  This demonstrates a lack of confidence on his part in the report that he submitted.  Up till now we have had very little information on Justice Binnie's report or how the Ministry has reacted to it.