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Is Robin Bain Guilty?

It appears that the conclusion from Judge Ian Binnie as to whether David Bain is innocent on the balance of probabilities has been leaked to the media. If Judge Binnie’s conclusion is that David Bain is innocent then by default this would mean that he has found that David’s father Robin was the killer of four of his family members.

According to Judge Binnie, Robin would now be the person that shot his wife Margaret his two daughters Laniet and Arawa and strangled and shot his 14 year old son Stephen.

Michael Read QC secures a favorable incorrect answer in his fight for freedom for David Bain.

Michael Read QC  secures a favourable incorrect answer in his fight for freedom for David Bain.

Sergeant James Doyle answers questions from Michael Reed QC at Bains trial 2009

Cross-examination continues: Michael Reed

A. That is correct, under Stephen’s fingernails.

A Week of It

I came, I saw, I ended up on TV1 News.  It is now fair to say that if our defamation case goes to trial then there will be a fair amount of publicity.  While I enjoyed performing to the dozen or so journalists (and Joe Karam!) who were assembled outside the High Court, I would prefer to be performing to a larger number of people and so I am in the throes of organizing a tour of the country, with 4 venues booked s