No Experience Necessary

The judicial system in New Zealand has received many savage body-blows from different angles since it was grafted from the Motherland during the early throes of colonisation, but like any other branch of the government it has usually rolled with the punches and bounced back to regain its equilibrium after wiping the blood from its mouth.

O Canada, We Stand and Wait for Thee

The chance to claim a major victory currently hangs in the balance. Reputations, laboriously compiled bodies of work, even future livelihoods await the announcement that will either underline their validity with a win, or leave them to cope with the permanent scar of an asterisk that precedes the words: ‘Found to be lacking in legitimacy.’  

The Week the Well Ran Dry

If any viewers were nauseated by some of the sights coming from their televisions during the primetime hours of early March, they shouldn’t be ashamed. The churning sensation in both stomach and mind that may have given rise to the insatiable urge to consign the idiot box to the recyclables after watching David Tamihere, Kim Dotcom, and David Bain being interviewed is perfectly natural, so take heart in your instinctive reaction if you found yourself halfway down the driveway with a Panasonic flat screen in your arms.

Accusations of evidence tampering.

When members of the police develop a strong hunch for some reason about a particular suspect but can’t quite put together enough evidence to justify an arrest occasionally a misguided officer takes it upon himself to help things along a bit by planting some damning evidence as seemed to be the case with Arthur Allen Thomas, the man arrested for the Crewe murders.

Lost in Translation

Wild rumour and the schoolyard have walked hand in hand ever since the very first bell was rung to call children in to learn as a collective, and it is doubtful if this trend will ever go in the sad yet not totally unexpected direction of the Hypercolor T-shirt and get folded away for the rest of time. The truth seems forever destined to be bent beyond its intended form by the loose talk leaked from juvenile minds, and often in a way that suits the most unscrupulous of informants.

Unmasking the Truth

The case of Sef Gonzales in Australia is very similar to the Bain case.  I think there are amazing parallels to the Bain case as I researched it more I came upon this 60 minutes Australia video.  I recommend that everyone watch it and take particular note of the emergency call footage.  Also the expert who says the "managed press statements are all part of the murder" and "he is developing a story that he wants you to believe".