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Unmasking the Truth

The case of Sef Gonzales in Australia is very similar to the Bain case.  I think there are amazing parallels to the Bain case as I researched it more I came upon this 60 minutes Australia video.  I recommend that everyone watch it and take particular note of the emergency call footage.  Also the expert who says the "managed press statements are all part of the murder" and "he is developing a story that he wants you to believe".

The Underdog

Much of the world has a strange yearning to see those with the lowest chance of winning come out on top. Cheering on the underdog is a particularly strong trait amongst many of the inhabitants of our small collection of islands, tucked away as they thankfully are at the far reaches of a volatile planet, and there is no shame in that. Where would we be as a nation if the little guy never got his chance to drink in the limelight on the international stage once in a while?

Trial by Ambush - impressions, questions, things I want to share on first reading

I've just started reading Trial by Ambush and am finding it interesting. Having read part 1 of 5 and studied the photos I have placed about 20 stickits in the book already and so decided to record why at the end of each part.

Firstly interesting to me the photo of DB's room in TbA is similar to the one in D&G but taken from a different angle. The pillow on the floor behind the bed is in a totally different position in both photos.

Pg 12 description of scene in lounge with RB's body - no mention made of cartridge case on floor.

Down the Dunny

Paul Holmes's scathing review of Karam's Trial by Ambush confers upon the book nothing of merit, either in its fundamental purpose, or the way it is written.  His final conclusion:  "The book is unreadable", "cover to cover quickly quickly down the dunny".  Paul Little's opinion of the book is similar" "The sort of book that when you finish you go and plant a tree.

David had a Compelling Motive - and he told us about it!

Joe Karam made much airtime out of the lack of motive for David Bain, or more correctly, the Prosecution's inability to articulate a valid and compelling one.  We now have that missing link:

David Bain had the following possible motive to compel him to commit the murders. 

A combination of perceived betrayal (from his parents) and jealousy (of his siblings), and added to that a sense of loss of control.


Gross Miscarriage of Justice: The 2009 Retrial

Opinion: It wouldn't be all that hard to make a case for the 2009 retrial being a "gross miscarriage of justice".  We already have a witness being found to have given untruthful evidence and we have news of jury members behaving inappropriately.  Apparently one jury member obtained a copy of one of Karam's books and downloaded some material from the internet about Karam's