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Karam is on Another Planet

Opinion: have published what appears to be a statement from David Bain and Joe Karam.  I assume that an interview did not take place because David Bain giving an interview would be a news item in itself.  Rather this article looks like it is the result of a carefully crafted media statement timed perfectly to coincide with the recent publicity surrounding Rochelle Crewe's call for a re-investigation of her parents' murders in the wake of Ian Wishart's boo

To philander or to philanthopy

I couldn't help but notice this opinion piece by someone calling himself "that guy".  I think he is trying to be clever by swapping the word philanthropy for the word philander.  Philanthropy as you know is the act of giving stuff away in a selfless and generous manner.  Philandery on the other hand is all about sleeping around.  So they are more or less on opposite sides of the virtue spectrum.  I am sure that the author fully knows well the meaning of the word, yet he l

Trial Length

[I have been corrected on a number of items in this post so it has been edited from its original]  The Bain retrial lasted some 58 days, or almost 12 weeks.  Jury members serve as a matter of duty.  They do get paid a nominal $80 or so a day but this is usually no real substitute for their normal wage.  Employers often make up the difference, again out of a sense of duty. 

The Most Disputed Retrial Verdict in NZ History

Opinion: On top of creating the most discredited book in NZ History, David and Goliath (what other book has resulted in a 100 page Police Complaints Report outlining all its shortcomings?), Joe Karam can now take the trophy for most disputed retrial verdict.  Since the retrial we have had Bryan Bruce's documentary The Case Against Robin Bain and the Laws-Karam debate, not to mention the Justice for Robin Bain group and the counterspin site.