Vital Evidence Concerning Laniet's Relationship with her Father which was omitted from the First Trial


The Karamalites use the excuse of "fantasy" when it comes to David Bains alibi stories regarding a female jogger but dont like to think that Laniets stories of having babies,abortion or incest could of been for the same reason.

To me her stories are far more fantasy than her brothers.

It is true that the hearsay evidence regarding Laniet's alleged relationship with her father was omitted from the first trial, but there is more to the story than what Karam makes out.

The judge considered Dean Cottle, the main witness to this to be unreliable and ruled that his evidence was inadmissable.  However David Bain could have still got the evidence heard in the trial if he was prepared to make that claim himself or at least backup Dean Cottle's evidence.  As a member of the family David stood a good chance of being privy to this knowledge or at least haviing an opinion about it.  If indeed Laniet had gone home on the weekend to confront everyone with these facts as Cottle claimed then David had to be aware of it and could have said so, but he never did -  not in any police interview, evidently not to his lawyers, and certainly not while giving evidence.  If it was true and if it had come from David it would not have been hearsay as it would have been something of what he was directly aware - more powerful - the best evidence rule, especially if it was a consistent theme of his from the start - ie his first police interview.  the fact that David never said anything about incest indicates that he did not believe it and if he did not believe it that would suggest that it wasn't true.

Karam has made great mileage out of these hearsay claims, so much so that he influenced a major media personality to state directly: "His wife had booted him out of the home. He had long been having sex with his teenage daughter, an incest that may have begun before she reached her teens. As a relieving headmaster he lived in a filthy, broken-down caravan. Laniet was going home to tell the family everything, she told several people. It was all coming to a head." (

If David Bain is not even prepared to back up these claims and there is no better evidence than can be gleaned from an outdated written testimony from an unreliable Dean Cottle, a dairy worker who wasn't prepared to be named and a couple of prostitutes with a bone to pick, then the only sensible conclusion can be that the claims are wrong and that both Joe Karam and Paul Holmes have very publicly made fools of themselves.