David Bains Bloody Gloves were Found in Stephen's Room

The white opera gloves found under Stephen's bed which were clearly used by the killer, belonged to David.

Three weeks before the killings David bought some opera gloves for a ball. These gloves were kept in a drawer in David’s room. The killer used these gloves when he shot Margaret and Laniet, but when he tried to shoot Stephen, the young lad awoke and the first shot went through his hand and grazed his head, causing him to bleed profusely. At this point it appears that the killer had a misfire and had to remove the gloves "to dislodge the misfired round" and the gloves ended up on the floor.  During this lapse Stephen retaliated and began to fight for his life with the killer, but his attacker overpowered and throttled him with his own T-shirt.  We know this because when Stephen was found the shirt was bunched up around his neck and there were also abrasions found on his neck. When Stephen became incapacitated and/or the gun became operational again, the killer finished Stephen off with a fatal shot to the top of the head. David’s very bloody gloves were later found under Stephen’s bed and must have been kicked or thrown there during or after the struggle.

If Robin Bain had been the murderer and was intent on suicide then two crucial questions have to be asked [1] why on earth would he be wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints? [2] After Robin left the gloves in Stephens room he would have had to have then used the 22 rifle to shoot Arawa, then carry-handle the rifle  to the computer alcove to type the suicide note on the computer, then pick up the rifle once again to shoot himself, "ALL THIS HANDLING OF THE RIFLE WITHOUT LEAVING A SINGLE FINGER PRINT"  but as we know there were a set of pristine prints on that rifle in blood and they were David Bain’s.

Even Joe Karam has no explanation for the gloves, in his book David and Goliath he writes on page 222 { Some maters may always remain unresolved. Why for example did Robin Bain, IF he was the murderer, wear Davids gloves and leave them in Stevens room?} Robin Bain supporters would say the best explanation is because HE was NOT wearing them.   

Evidence shows that the killer removed the gloves after the gun misfired during his struggle with Stephen.  If it wasn't for this struggle taking place, the killer would have been able to do his deed leaving no fingerprints on the rifle and leaving the gloves clean and unsullied. This would have suited David, if he was attempting to commit the murders and then frame his father for them, and the gloves would not have become incriminating evidence which they did, all covered in blood and clearly worn by the killer. 

If you believe David is the killer then it is clear that if things had gone to plan and Stephen had not put up a fight, neither the gloves, nor the spectacle lense nor the jersey fibres under Stephen's fingernails nor the newly washed murder clothes would have been left behind as incriminating evidence and he might have got away with it and never been convicted in the first trial.

Those who believe that Robin was the killer have to ask the question, why would he wear gloves? If he felt it necessary to wear gloves, then why use David's, which he would have had to find in the first place? He had his own pair of gloves in his caravan. Was he trying to frame David?  If so, why leave the computer message saying that David is the only one who deserved to stay?  There is a direct contradiction here, which doesn't make sense.


Now that I have given up posting on Trade Me,[well for the meantime,anyway] I thought I would make some comments re the evidence against David Bain.

I believe Bob's post on the bloody gloves is spot on.

The pro David supporters say that Robin could have worn those gloves,but that makes no sense whatsoever.Firstly he had his own gloves,and secondly ,if he was going to commit suicide,why would he have worn gloves?.

The best the PDS's can come up with is that Robin Bain wasn't going to commit suicide originally,but changed his mind while he was waiting for David to come home.Yeah,right.