Suppressed Forensic evidence requested by Joe Karam points to Robin not committing suicide.


Features of David Bain's murder trial can be reported now that suppression orders have expired with the jury's verdict.

The police lost an important witness when a detective went to the Victorian police forensic science department in 2007 and uplifted notes made by scientists in tests done for Bain supporter Joe Karam in 1997. The witness, a police armourer, had concluded Robin Bain had not committed suicide. The police only found out about the opinion of the forensic experts after looking through the documents and were denied the ability to use it because it was "fruit from the poisoned tree". News item for this found HERE

Robin Bain 'unlikely' to have shot himself, pathologist tells court


A gunshot wound suffered by David Bain's father Robin was "very unusual" for a self-inflicted wound, the original pathologist Alexander Dempster  told the court in 2009. Read about it HERE 



I wonder if and when the compo claim goes ahead if the QC presiding will be able to revisit this.? This is in light of the fact that he/she can apparently review all the  Defences suppressed evidence now made public

Also useful for us to examine agin why Dr Dempster thought Robin had not committed suicide based on his post mortem findings.