Blood found on David's Gondaliers shirt.

The police found David's Gondoliers shirt in the Bain laundry, it had blood stains on the shoulder and cuff, it was thought that the Gondoliers shirt was worn under the green jersey and that the blood had soaked through. More reading Here


Questioning of David by the prosecution concerning the Gondoliers shirt from the first trial in 1995. 


Q. The production in 1994 of the Gondoliers was in May?
A. That’s correct, yes

Q. Is the T shirt produced to this court, Ex 527, is this your T shirt?

Q. Is it associated or did you obtain it as a result of performing in the show?
A. Yes I did.                                                          

Q.  When did you acquire the T shirt?
A. It was during the production dates, the performance’s I can’t remember exactly when.

Q. Would it be approximately mid-May?
A.Yes, yeah. I can’t remember the dates of production, when it started or finished.                                                                                                               

Q. You accept that you had not owned the garment for any lengthy period?
A. That is correct, yes.

Q. You are aware that the garment was located by the police in the washing basket in the laundry?
A. Yes.  

Q. And you put the garment in that washing basket?
A. I did yes.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Q. When had you placed it in the basket?
A. On the Sunday evening.

Q. You recollect what time on the Sunday evening?
A. No, before I went to bed.

Q. Had you worn the garment on the Sunday?
A. Yes I had.                                                                                                         

Q. Had you noticed any blood staining on the garment on the Sunday when you wore it?
A. No.

Q. Had you noticed any blood staining on the garment when you placed it into the basket on the Sunday night?
A. No I haden't. 

Q. Whereabouts was the garment in the basket in relation to the other clothes?
A. I couldn’t tell you that. 

Q.  Could you take the garment out please (witness does so). Can you explain or offer an explanation why there is diluted blood staining on the right shoulder?
A. No I can't.                                                                                                           

Q. Do you have any explanation for blood stains on the cuff?
A. No.                                                                                                                        



I believe that David Bain may have worn that T-shirt on his paper round and only put it in the washing basket when he arrived home,after perhaps trying to remove the blood staining.
The defence say that the blood on that T-shirt could have come through from other bloody clothing that was in the washing basket,and that the reason for that T-shirt being in the basket was because David Bain had left it out of the wash because it was white. But there were other white items of clothing in the washing machine.