Robin Bain's Body Appeared to have been moved

When police examined the murder scene they found blood and brain matter from Robin Bain's head wound on the curtains while his body was found lying 2-3 meters away from the curtain alcove (with the rifle magazine strategically placed on its edge).  This is not likely to have happened if Robin had killed himself and opens up the possibility that someone had moved his body away from it's original position close to the curtains.



Thats interesting Ralph I have seen two photos taken by police of Robin's body and yes his body had been moved but in between photos. That clearly rules out David surely?

If my memory serves me the flow of the blood from Robin's wound indicated the body had been moved but as Anne said it would have had to be almost immediately after he was shot or else this would not have been possible. The brain matter, blood etc on the curtain positively tested to be Robins and obviously also came from that wound but the position his body was found when the Police/ambulance officers, photographer etc arrived also indicated his body was in a position other than where it would have been when shot. A dead man can not re-position himself - someone moved him - there was only one person still alive in that house. Oh dear it must have been him! The scene was evidently contrived to try and make it look like suicide but as with many other things that happened that day - it fell short of being fault free.

From the moment the Police arrived at the house there were always more than one person at each scene - there was no conspiracy - for God sake why on earth would they deliberately move the  body of the person they believed had committed murder, then suicide?? It beggars belief!

Here is the link where Pathologist  James Ferris is able to show  that Robin's body had been moved prior to the Police arrival. Also why the suicide scenario promoted by the defence was highly improbable.Was the Jury asleep at this time? Incidently Rosso where are those two police photos you spoke about.?



I believe that Karam, in one of his books, comments that Robin's body had been moved as the blood flow changed direction. If that is the case then it would have been just after being killed, while the blood was still runny. Possibly when checked by ambulance officers, however their movement of the body would have been minimal, not meters.

I do have a vague memory of some evidence being given at the trial relating to Robin's body having been moved, I believe it was by the prosecution and pointing at DB as Robin couldn't have moved himself! I will do a bit of googling to see if I can get the evidence.