There was Insufficient Time for the Wash Cycle to Complete as Testified by David Bain

The washing machine cycle

David Bain told the police that, on returning from his paper round at shortly after 6.40 am on the morning of the murders, he put on a load of washing on a full cycle, from "the very start of the super wash cycle". Constables Stapp, and Wyllie, who first entered 65 Every Street on the morning of the killings at 7.28 am, gave evidence that, despite straining their ears for any sound as they searched downstairs for bodies, they did not hear the washing machine running.

At a later date the Police tested the running time of the washing machine on the cycle that David had told them that he had used on the morning of the killings. These reconstructions were conducted by Constable Lodge and Mr. Preston (a washing machine repair serviceman). The cycle was found to last approximately one hour on a normal wash.

It is apparent from the testing carried out by the police that David Bain was lying and that the wash cycle was started earlier than he claimed.


David Bain maintains he did the washing when he returned home from his paper round.

Somehow he did not notice some of the washing had blood on it which transferred to his hand,hence his hand print on the washing machine.

And what about Laniet's gurgling?Did he not hear that until he came back up the stairs from doing the washing?

And when did he find out the rifle was missing from his room?That must have been after he did the washing,I guess.

Karam mentioned the washing machine cycle in his debate with Michael Laws.He was adamant that the repairman said the cycle did not take around an hour.I do not believe the repairman said that.As I understand it the repairman said that the Bain washing machine took longer than the norm to fill.It took 14/15 minutes to fill,whereas the normal was 5/7 minutes.He suspected the longer time was due to corrosion in the pipes between the washing machine and the street connection.The defence had suggested that there might have been a variation in water pressure,but the repairman did not think that water pressure had anything to do with the filling time difference.

But let us say that the machine might have filled up quicker than it did when those tests were carried out.let's say it could have filled up 8 minutes faster.That would mean that instead of the cycle taking an hour,it would have taken around 52 minutes.

David Bain said the cycle took between 45 minutes and an hour.Well,he would say that,he couldn't agree with it taking an hour.

But I have been thinking about this.I firmly believe that Denise Laney saw David Bain at around 6.45am.She only lived 5 minutes by car from work,so she probably left for work at about 6.40 every morning.And her clock was 5 minutes fast,no real doubt about that,the police checked it.I am not sure when David Bain got home,if he was telling the truth about his watch reading 6.40 when he checked it just after passing through Heath Street,well he should have been at his gate at around 6.42.So we have a three minute discrepancy.I have my own theory about this,and so do the police.

But getting back to that 6.45am sighting.David Bain then has to go into the house ,take off his Walkman,etc.,go downstairs,wash the printer's ink off his hands ,sort the washing,and start the machine.I reckon it would be around 6.50 by then.The police were in the laundry area at around 7.29,only 39 minutes later ,and the washing machine was not going.There has never been any suggestion that the cycle would take only 39/40 minutes.

So it is obvious that Bain did not start the machine when he returned home.Which we all knew ,anyway.

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Ralph,those are pro Robin Bainers,all the anti-Robin's left a few day ago,although I see te aroha has just popped in.

Do you think the washing machine was an integral part of David's plan? It would look suspicious if there was only a small amount of washing that Monday morning so did he ensure there was a full load before switching it on,by asking family members the day before to put any clothes they wanted washing into the machine,or was it all David's washing?

Had it not been for the bloodstained clothing David Bain would probably have just done the washing when he came home as per usual. There was a variety of clothing in the wash.
However David Bain has said he sorted the whites from the coloureds. As you can see from the photo above there is some light coloured clothing plus some white socks on the clothes line, and there was also coloured clothing in the wash basket.
Had everything gone to plan David Bain may not have even done the washing. He would be able to have said he came home, turned his light on, noticed the trigger lock key on the floor, seen his rifle was missing, and then checked with his mother to see what was going on.
Because he had to wash those bloodstained clothes he then made up the story of not turning his light on, even though it was pitch black at the time, so he didn't know anything was amiss until he came back upstairs and turned his light on.

Mike:  As an exercise, just imagine everything had gone according to plan. The mother and three siblings had been dispatched without any drama.  All had been shot whilst they slept.  He then left for the paper run.

How did he envisage part two of the plan unfolding?  My guess is that he planned to arrive back before Robin entered the house. He would not know for certain what time Robin would enter and thus he probably needed to finish the run by 6.20 am or so. That would have been a problem as he needed to be seen on the run and had to arrive home, dispatch Robin and ring 111 within a very narrow time band.

Perhaps washing the clothes was part of the original plan. That would have allowed him to use up a lot of time before "discovering" the bodies.

Everything goes to plan.
David needs to be home before his father comes into the house. Why do I think that?
Three reasons. David said he looked at his watch just after passing through Heath Street. Why did he need to know what time it was?
David first told the police he arrived home at twenty to seven. I believe that was the time he had in his mind. Not quarter to seven ,not twenty five minutes to seven, but twenty to seven.
David told has aunt ,and there was a detective present, that he ran all the paper round. A witness who knew David said he had seen David about 5 times a week over the past year walking up Every Street and that witness didn't leave for work until around 7 o'clock.
I believe that David wanted to arrive home just before his father entered the house. Then he could have ambushed him and phoned 111 immediatly, telling the operator that he had come home to find all his family dead.  Or he could simply have confronted his father and shot him, then phoned 111.
No need to do the washing.