Robin Bain unlikely to have killed himself.


Three out of the five Pathologists at trial in 2009 said Robin Bain most likely did not commit suicide.

Professor James Ferris, Dr Alex Dempster and Dr Kenneth Thompson who have over 90 years pathology experience between them, all agreed at trial, that in their opinion it was unlikely that Robin Bain committed suicide. Video HERE of Dempster and Ferris admitting this in court in 2009. Dr Kenneth Thompson’s admissions are reported HERE.

Dr Robert Chapman and another pathologist at trial Dr Cordner said in their view Robin Bain probably committed suicide.

Note: Dr Alex Dempster had an advantage over the 4 other pathologists as he was the only one to view the actual crime scene and body of Robin Bain.


Dr Demster also had the advantage of having dealt with the 14 shooting deaths at Aromana which covered the full gambit of distance between muzzle and entry wound.