David's behaviour as a child was sometimes disturbing

Disturbed by David’s behaviour as a child Margaret and Robin sought leave from the Church to take him to Darwin for psychiatric assessment and counselling. David denied under oath he had ever had psychiatric counselling. A police officer went to Papua New Guinea to try and find out anything that could help them in their enquiry. Any such information of this nature would fall under doctor/client confidentiality and so nothing more could be discovered of this.


Mc Neish has quite a bit to say on Daviid's lack of adjustement with his emtional development in PNG and subsequently.. I don't think he specifically mentions thie sychiatric assessment but certainly was able to record  and document many other things that are pertinent.Possibly Barbara Neasmith might know about this if she is still living.? Always interesting how Sir James went to great pains and trouble to investigate the family's background of which Karan has consiistently throughout, avoided.Some unpleasant truthes and realities lie there


There are so many "if only's" in this case and David's psychiatric notes are one of them(I hope his future partner finds out before they get hitched). If only the parents had found out about David's threatening behaviour with a gun,if only Stephen had remembered the incident clearly and told Police along with some of David's friends to whom he told using the paper round as a subterfuge for rape,if only Arawa and Laniet had had the courage to stand up to him,not that I'm blaming anyone apart from the individual who perpetrated these evil crimes.

The marriage was supposed to have taken place earlier this year. It seems to have been delayed , or else they have got married and are just not letting on.