DB Trustee Services Limited

On 7 July 2009 Joe Karam set up a company called DB Trustee Services Ltd.  This is shortly after the end of the retrial in which David Bain received his Not Guilty verdict.  Since then Karam has been vigorously pursuing compensation for "false imprisonment" and for "lost inheritance", which altogether could amount to as much as $2 million.

Given the timing of this event there is only one thing that DB could be short for.  In order to manage David Bain's finances Karam only needs to set up a private trust with a lawyer.  There is no need to set up a company and list it.  Companies are usually set up in order to enter into some commercial goods or services industry and make a profit.

As can be seen from the attached document, Karam regularly creates companies in order to further his entrepreneurial pursuits.

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and they say JK is not a

and they say JK is not a business man and not to make any financial gain lol Gosh that man has alot to answer for!