Bain had 'strange' relationship with sister

Bain had 'strange' relationship with sister
Last updated 16:28 22/04/2009

David Bain changed from being a geeky young man into a confident almost egotistical person on stage, the High Court was told this afternoon.

Greer Taylor, who knew the Bain family while still at school, said she and David Bain studied music at the same time at Otago University in 1994.

Although they were in different years they were together in joint workshops where he would perform.

"He was quite different from the person he usually is. I was quite amazed, quite shocked. I was drawn to him. When I was watching him on stage he was a different person as though he was commanding the stage. Very confident, almost egotistical.

"Off stage he was mild, meek, kind of geeky, yeah,'' she said.

In other evidence a former friend of Laniet Bain told the court of the "strange'' relationship Laniet had with her brother David.

The friend, whose name is suppressed, said she got to know the Bain family through cultural exchanges between their schools.

In 1992 she had performed with some of the Bain family in an opera put on by the Dunedin Opera Company. By then she already knew Laniet quite well and through Laniet had met David.

When she first met the two she thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend. In 1993 she had seen Laniet regularly and she seemed to be deteriorating.

Her attitude to David was very strange, the friend said.

She kept referring to "my David'' and said "you've hurt my David'', referring to a minor relationship she had had with David during 1992. Laniet appeared obsessed with David and said he was jealous of relationships she had with other men.

Five months before Laniet died, they had met up in Dunedin and Laniet had "mentioned David again and again and again''.

"She was scared of upsetting David and what he might think of what she doing. Everything related back to him.''