David had no answer to many questions about evidence linking him to the murder scenes.

On the days following the murders and also at his first trial David Bain was asked questions relating to evidence that seemed to connect him with the murders.

[Injuries to David] On the morning of the murders Dr Pryde asked David Bain how he received the 3 separate bruises to his head and face, and also how he received a small gash on his knee.

David could give no explanation.

Thomas Samuel found scratches on the chest of David Bain when he strip searched him a few days after the murder of his family; the High Court was told in 2009.  Thomas Samuel said he processed David at Dunedin Prison on about 24 June, 1994, when David was remanded in custody after his arrest for the murders. 

When I asked David about the scratches and bruises he looked blankly at me and said nothing.


[The glasses] First trial testimony from David, Were the glasses in your room, the frame and the lens, in your room on Sunday night? [David]No .

Can you account for their presence as found in your room by the Police on the Monday morning? [David] No I cannot account for that.]


[The 111 call] When David rang 111 on the morning of the murders he told the ambulance man several times that all his family were dead, but later he told the police on two separate occasions that he had only seen his Mother and father dead, and not visited his siblings rooms, when asked why he had said to the 111 operator that all his family were dead David could offer no explanation.


[Blood on David’s clothes]When David first met police on the mornings of the murders he had his brother’s blood on his socks and on the front and back of his T shirt and his shorts, when asked how any of this blood from his brother came to be on his clothes David again could offer no explanation.


[Blood smears in David’s room] On the morning of the murders blood smears were found on the inside of David’s duvet and on the light switch in his room, David could not explain how this had happened.


[Bloody clothing washed] Blood stains were found on the soap powder packet and on the washing machine, it was obvious that bloody clothing including the blood soaked green jersey had been washed, David admitted to doing the washing but he could offer no explanation why bloody clothing was washed.


[Murder weapon had David’s prints on it] When fingerprint expert Kim Jones and ESR scientist Peter Hentschel inspected the rifle they found bloody fingerprints in pristine condition belonging to David Bain, David could offer no explanation, he could not remember picking the rifle up, and said he had not used the rifle for the previous six months.


[The green jersey] When David was asked who owned the green jersey that he had washed on the morning of the murders he said that it belonged to his sister Arawa he confirmed that to be the case in his second statement, but at trial and after becoming aware that the green jersey could be linked forensically to the killer he said for the first time that the jersey was his fathers, also saying for the first time that his father had been wearing the green jersey in the weekend before the murders on the Monday. David could give no explanation for this change of testimony.


[Blood on David’s Gondoliers shirt] David’s gondoliers shirt that he had been wearing over the weekend prior to the murders was found in the wash basket, it appeared to have been sponged and had faint blood stains on the shoulder and cuff David could not offer any explanation.