David predicted something horrible was going to happen.

On the Tuesday before the murders, David had visited a music friend to talk mainly about his love life, it appeared. They had arranged to meet at 11am and Bain arrived while the clock was still chiming, bringing four muffins two blueberry, two pizzas for them to share over a cup of tea.

Over several hours, Bain told her of not having any real friends and said, "Anyone I have ever loved I've ended up hurting." As he left that day, he stood in the lounge and said he thought "something horrible" was going to happen.TV ONE VIDEO Here


  A former friend testified


A former friend testified in court that a week before the murders David had told her { of not having any real friends and said, "Anyone I have ever loved I've ended up hurting} This was certainly a sign David was a very troubled young man at the time of the murders.But Karam with his head in the sand said in David and Goliath that "David was enjoying significant success and satisfaction in his classical music studies, opera participation and the resulting positive social interaction.

This is a marked contrast to what David himself admitted at the time. The question has to be asked why did Karam get this and many other things so badly wrong. It appears he was just making things up as he went along.


I think he did achieve a

I think he did achieve a modicum of success with praise from his singing teacher, but I feel that the damage done to him in PNG was simply too great to surmount, and the shoddy environment where he lived and to which he tried to become accustomed but failed drove him to commit the murders to be relieved of it and to begin life anew, an objective which ironically he has now attained.