Little or no support for the acquittal of David Bain from the extended Cullen Bain families.

Bain, Cullen families angry David failed to defend family

The wider Bain and Cullen families are angry David Bain did not defend his family's reputation, disappointed with the jury at his retrial, and believe the prosecution case hit on the truth of the matter.

Comments to that effect from Robin Bain's brother Michael, on radio yesterday, are backed by the sister of Robin's wife, Margaret Cullen Bain, who says her family agrees with the Bains.

Michael Bain told Radio New Zealand he was upset with his nephew David, who was acquitted in June this year of the 1994 murders of his parents Robin and Margaret and siblings Arawa, Laniet and Stephen, following a three-month-long retrial.

"Yes, I am angry. I'm very sad he allowed these allegations against his father... during the court proceedings." Link to this story Here