Robin Bain brought the newspaper in.

David did not deliver their own paper, another boy covered his street, and David said in his statement to the police that he did not bring in the newspaper.  The Otago Daily time’s paper dated 20th June 1994 was found on the hall table by the police.  David said he did not bring in the newspaper from the gate, so Robin must have done which is not likely to be the action of somebody who is about to shoot 4 members of his family.

Detective Gregory Dunne questioning David Bain on 21 June. 

Q. When you came home did you bring a paper with you?

A. No.

Q. Is one delivered?

A. Yes, its delivered by Kieran Garbutt of 6 Mahon Street to the letterbox at home.

He’s usually past our gate at a quarter to six.

Q. Did you take that paper inside on Monday from the letterbox?

ANo I didn’t.