Testimony of inappropriate suggestions by David after the murders.

Valerie Boyd, a sister of David’s mother, Margaret, told the High Court in Christchurch in 2009 that after the murders, David had become "quite distressed" talking about Stephen, and was concerned the 14-year-old had been shot through the hand. He said Stephen was "so strong, he fought hard" that he could get very angry but was "a nice lad".

David talked about having a party at the house where the family was murdered on the Sunday following the killings for Arawa's 20th birthday. When she told him that would be "totally inappropriate" he said he would have it out at the grave site. David Bain's girlfriend also said David wanted to arrange a celebration for Arawa's birthday a few days after the deaths, even though Arawa was dead. But he was arrested on the Friday.

Mrs. Boyd also described how David would "switch off" during discussions about the funerals whenever anyone disagreed with what he wanted. "If it wasn't going to be his choice, then he wasn't interested," she said. He wanted to have the funeral on the Sunday, which was "family day" but was told that was not possible. He had decided who would give tributes for each of the family, what color flowers there would be for each person, what music would be played and what each would wear, down to underwear and jewellery. He wanted Arawa to wear a particular gown and her super bra. David had chosen the Faure Requiem for his mother which Mrs. Boyd thought was appropriate. He said they had once all discussed what music they would want played at their funeral, apart from Stephen who had not been interested in talking about dying. The song David had chosen for Laniet was Who Wants to Live Forever which Mrs. Boyd thought was "completely inappropriate".