Witness Testimony that Robin was Depressed

A school psychologist provided testimony in the retrial that Robin Bain was suffering depression.  It was inferred from this that he was depressed enough to want to commit suicide and for other reasons, take his family with him.  While it is true that depressed people sometimes commit suicide, and sometimes males with younger families will also kill the family as well, this 'evidence' is purely spculative.  There is no link between it and the murder.  All it does is paint a picture of a circumstance that might explain the situation.

You could equally argue that Robin becoming increasingly depressed could give David greater motive, because it would make the environment he was living in increasingly dysfunctional and increase his desire to control it by destroying it.

If Robin Bain appeared depressed to some of the people who saw him prior to his death then it may have been the cumulative effect of a number of factors:

  1. Having a 22 year old son who refused to leave home or get a job or train for a career
  2. Having a daughter who had slipped into prostitution and was making wild statements about herself.
  3. Commuting weekly to work
  4. Being in the process of rebuilding his house, creating designs, getting planning permission and organizing subcontractors etc
  5. Having ongoing marital stresses

Depression is the most common of psychological disorders, affecting 25% of us at some time in our lives. 

Joe Karam is quite incorrect in stating that Robin Bain was clinically depressed since he had not been assessed by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist and he was working full time and was the main breadwinner of the family at the time of the murders.  In fact this statement by Joe Karam is defamatory.

To counter Joe Karam's witnesses, there were an equal number of witnesses who considered that Robin Bain was in a stable psychological state and was not depressed. He was working full time at the time and there are no indications that he had taken considerable time off work for any kind of sickness.