David Bain had already planned what he was going to do with the house

In the retrial, a witness, who was a close friend of David's testified that David told her before, the funerals took place, which was within a week of the murders, that David already had a plan:

Q.    Did you talk about the funerals in any other way as well?
A.    Yep, he knew that he wanted Arawa to wear the ball gown that she was either going to wear or had worn at a ball.  That he hadn't decided about the clothes for the rest of the family yet and that he was hoping to be able to get in the house the next day to be able to go and choose, but he hadn't particularly got any ideas about that.  I’d asked about, you know, what his plans, you know, had he started thinking about what life might be like after funeral and he said that he was thinking he was going to sell the house and buy somewhere for himself so that he would have a home.
Q.    Did he mention where the money was going to come from?
A.    Yeah he was quite concerned that he managed to get the money back from the Meders, because he was a bit anxious that with the amount of money, if it, you know, kept growing with interest and what have you, they would not be in a position to be able to repay it.

I understand that the funerals were held the Saturday following the murders.  So, within a week, David already has plans for disposing of the house.


all planned

and what was father Robin's plan? Well, simply fix the guttering and general day to day work. This tells the real story of his innocence, unlike David who had his murder plans, family gathered together plan, suicide note on the computer plan, paper run aliby, funeral details and future spending all mapped out. David needs to swap places with Scott Watson.     

Re: Robin's suicide note

Why would Robin think David was the only one of his children who "deserved to stay",when Arawa was following his same career path and he was working hard to support his children? It doesn't make any sense at all.

deserving to live

quite right, David argued with his father, saw black hands, was a dropout and was only a paper boy. Why would someone like that deserve to stay. Steven on the other hand was doing well at school, was a cheerful young fellow and even looked like his father.......a real chip off the old block, Steven was more likely to be the one who deserved to stay, if anyone did.

Well he wouldn't would he,

Well he wouldn't would he, because Robin most likely didn't write the note.


True. The deserving to stay idea had to be thru the eyes of David

Just a comment

I have read the McDonaldmQC reports and she commits the same sin as Justice Binnie, by taking one piece of evidence, The Hair nDNA and mDNA as conclusive and puts all other evidence beside it to shore it up. She accepts junk science [identification by microscopic hair comparision] as conclusive alone side the 28000:1 probability as her "Footprints in Blood".  28,000:1 probability is saying there are at least another 170 people in New Zealand with the same DNA Pattern. Yet Collins hails it as conclusive proof while dumping Binnie's report. She speaks with a forked tongue