Could a person resonably commit suicide and not have any identifiable blood spatter on their hands?



Also falling the way he (Robin) seems to have - would not the gun have fallen with his body to the left? Have I missed something?

Blood on Robin Bain's fingernail

Could someone explain the microscopic drop of blood on the fingernail of Robin Bain? Does it prove that he had both hands in the praying position immediately before he was shot from behind the curtain by a David lying in wait for him?

Re:blood spatter

There was a minuscule speck of blood on one of Robin's fingernails,far more likely to be the slam dunk Karam is so fond of alluding to than any of his questionable evidence.

I've been thinking [Painful it was too]

When the demonstration of the method claimed and demonstrated, with help, at trial two for an alleged suicide attempt I wonder if the 'expert' would have been able to do it alone and with out the tragectery rod to support probablty 20-30% 0f the weight of the rifle. Could that have been the Victorian Armourers problem?  It just seems surreal to expect the lightly framed Robin to be able to support the rifle with just his left arm which being right handed would be weaker. I do not believe Robin could have done that  remember it was NOT a contact wound  which leaves a distictive starring pattern as discharge gas gets between the skin and Skull and causes tearing of the skin. If a person is killed instantly the eyes if open tend to stay open and if closed stay closed which adds another degree of difficulty to the scenario He would have no more than a general idea where the rifle was pointing, if as it appears, his eyes were closed. A lot of ifs and maybe's

From on line literature and DoJ research material the distictive starring around the entry wound would appear to be a identifiable characterstic of contact wouldds to parts of the body where there is little or no flesh between skin and bone, the skull, Sternum and kneecaps are examples.