Rodney Hide is at it again

Rodney has published a new column on NBR.  In the spirit of pointing out only the failings of the police investigation and not its successes, Rodney continues with the negative spin about the Bain investigation and trial.  It is easy to be negative and critical.  What is Rodney's motivation?  He is no longer a MP.  He is now just some kind of armchair critic.  If he was to put on his perk busting cap, then he might be able to see that a lot of legal perks were taken advantage of during the Bain retrail and if he was to truly wear a critic's cap in relation to the Bain case, then he should be able to see all the inconsistencies in the Bain defence.


It is probably just me but it

It is probably just me but it seems Mr Hide is a bit of a hop on the band wagon merchant. Prior to his election in 2008 he was everything to everyone in Scott Watson's petition. He was going to raise merry hell on Scotts behalf post election but a bauble or two revealed his merry hell was conspicuous by it absense. 

In reading the transcript of the Binnie interview  seems the support team was vocal but I can't find any thing from the Crown Law. It would appear they took notes and used those notes in the written reply to Binnie J. Strikes me it would have been like being in parliament  listening to the patsy questions from government backbenchers all day. I believe an independent interviewer would have sat there with the crown evidence and the transcript of Mr Bains testimony in Trial one and when an answer did not tally with the evidence the it have to be explained why it was different now. That it seems to me to be putting the burden of proof on the cliamant. 

Contrary to popular belief memory does NOT improve with 'time' or 'age', what it does get is modified and changed, Memory is not a recordable DVD it is a re-recordable photo CD the 'photos' can be changed and the gaps between the photos as they are not on the CD can also change as the 'photos' are 'looked at' and discussed. What is missing between the 'photos' changes as life gives new ways of seeing things.  


Quote:  Contrary to popular belief memory does NOT improve with 'time' or 'age', what it does get is modified and changed   unquote

Evidence also changes over time, or as cyberninny assured us all on TM, it evolves!



I do a lot of exersise and take fish oil pills. I reckon that helps, so long as I can remember to take those pills.

and it 'evolves' in the

and it 'evolves' in the direction the recipient wants it too by the manner of questions asked


Comment by Bomber

Yep,and Bomber is on to it,and maybe more to come.

I see a comment from Mike

I see a comment from Mike Stockdale, but not bomber.  BTW,, people, even if you do not comment, do like some of the comments.


Sorry, got mixed up. I am Bomber on whale oil on Geddis.

Sounds like multiple identity

Sounds like multiple identity confusion syndrome.

What game is Rodney playing.

Police bashing is a popular pastime if you want to court the public for votes. Remember when Rodney bashed IRD over the "Hendo" affair. It got him a lot of public support because everyone hates IRD. It didn't matter that IRD were vindicated further down the track.  Now I suppose he thinks the majority support DB and so he's bashing the police. Is Rodney planning a political comeback?

Rodney's comeback?

If so he should join a party of the left who like to spend other people's money.  Rodney was supposed to support law and order when he was in ACT. 

Some people here may not agree with my view but if someone was convicted of murder and evidence was obtained illegally I believe their conviction should be overturned.  An example would be using third degree to find out where the murder weapon was.  If the conviction was not overturned and the police just told not to use such methods again they certainly would.
The public would know a killer got off but that is the price we pay to live in a civilised country.  However, paying the killer compensation is a step too far. 

Rodney, you have had your chance.  You have the gift of the gab but you are a flip flop.