Subliminal or other influences on David

Was David influenced by the Aramoana massacre,or even the Jeremy Bamber case(he had coincidentally visited New Zealand in the 1980s)? For how long had David been planning the killings does anyone know? From the videos on youtube and the pictures they look such a happy family,yet the atmosphere of that house must have been oppressive. How did David possibly hope to get away with the crimes using a simple paper round as subterfuge? I read on Wikipedia he was planning a holiday in Europe. Please:the man is sick,we don't want him..



Steve, he gave an interview to a woman's magazine here shortly after the retrial and used the proceeds to go to England and the continent. He was seen at one of the stately homes in England. To my knowledge he didn't meet the Queen.

Re:David Bain interview

Hi Mike:this may be the interview to which you're referring. Does he ever think of the people he slaughtered as he holds a glass of Pinot Noir in his hand and listens to soothing classical music as the sun goes down over the Waitakere ranges? How about getting on his hands and knees at the gravestone of his victims and begging forgiveness instead of fulfilling his frustrations for female company which can only lead to disaster.

Re: David's magazine interview

 So he had a special relationship with Boysie..did he drive him too hard across the sands and was this the reason he had to be put down? It seems as if David destroys everything he touches. Wasn't Arawa's dog keeping its distance from him when the ambulance crew arrived that first morning..a dumb witness if ever there was one.


It has been mentioned that some time after David arrived at his aunt's place on the afternoon of the killings someone picked up Kaycee and she slunk behind that person when she saw David.  Neither Kaycee nor David made any move to go to each other.
After that Kaycee only went to David when she was commanded to do so. He advised others to give her the "evil eye" if she didn't do what she was told.
So far as I am aware Boysie is still alive and is probably now in Christchurch. I think you are getting mixed up with David's dog Sasha that was put down by the Council in 1993 because of anti-social behaviour.
Kaycee was actually Arawa's dog. David took her with him on his paper round most mornings.

Re: the animals

 According to the magazine article I read "My quest for love and a normal life" Boysie had to be put down when he broke his foot. It's interesting that Sasha was also put down:had David had the last vestige of humanity removed from him after his dog was taken away and he vowed never to love anything or get close to anything again?