David Bain makes the Funeral Arrangements

In relation to the funeral arrangements for his family David Bain insisted that Robin and Margaret were to be cremated and the three children buried, with a fourth plot left empty for him to occupy later, as he wanted to be buried with his siblings. He even stipulated the positioning of each body within the grave, Arawa with Stephen, him with Laniet.

David requested the caskets should be made from oak, with brass handles. He described in detail what form the service should take, where it should be held, who should conduct it, that the Quakers should be involved, and who should speak for each member of the family.  He did not want to invite any extended family member nor sisters and brothers of Margaret and Robin.

David described what music should be played for each family member and wanted a period of silence and reflection 2 minutes for each.  He also described in detail all the items of clothing he wanted the family to be dressed for burial in, including items of jewellery and underwear.

David said he wanted to sing at the funeral and he wanted the Male Voice Choir to sing for Robin. 

Due to his arrest and imprisonment, David was not able to attend the funeral, but some of his requests were honoured.