David did not experience trauma following the murders

Following the murders David did not experience a loss of appetite and was happy and contented.  He did not display any sign of sadness or loss.

According to the family members he was staying with immediately following the murders, at no time did David ever say he missed his family, missed his Mum, Dad, sisters and brother.  He did not question how this could have happened to his family, or express distress that he couldn’t bear his new situation.  Nor did he blame his father or show anger regarding his (Robin’s) supposed actions. He never showed despair, fear, or anxiety about the future.

In the days immediately following the murders David seemed to sleep well and always appeared refreshed and rested in the morning. He was amiable, chatty, laughed frequently, joked, and did chores.  He played with his cousins and their high jinks, laughter and hilarity could be easily heard around the house. David was not withdrawn, was never overwhelmed or grief stricken. When extended family arrived from around the country he accepted their embraces and condolences as though it was a pleasantry seemingly unaffected by their heart breaking grief and devastation.