David wore his mother's glasses

David told trial witness, Jan Clark that he had been wearing an old pair of his mother's glasses during the weekend of the murders while his own glasses were at the opticians. He also advised his own legal counsel, Michael Guest, that this was so, yet in the trial of 1995 he denied this and lied under oath.

David also stated he had driven the car with Laniet that Sunday 19th (by law he was required to wear glasses when driving) had watched a video on TV (needed glasses to do so) went to bed at 8.50pm and read till around 9.10pm (needed glasses again). He also complained he needed his glasses to the ambulance & Police on Monday 20th and indicated where they were on the chair in his bedroom.  The receptionist at the optician had also recorded on David’s client card when he took in his glasses to be repaired on the previous Friday 17th that he was currently wearing an old pair of his mothers.