David's Tattoo


According to the tattooist Helen Bennett,Bain walked into her shop on or about 14 June 1994,less than a week before the murders.
[Refer Mask of Sanity,P185].

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Nothing to do with above,but I see that tattoo has been mentioned as a little known fact. According to McNeish, Helen Bennett[the tattooist] said that Bain walked into her shop on or about 14 June 1994,which would be the Tuesday before the murders.

I had a feeling I had mentioned it before. The reason I did so was because according to that little known fact,he had it done three weeks before the murders. That should be changed to one week. Unless,of course,McNeish has gotten it wrong.

McNeish interviewed Helen Bennett in August,1996. She told him Bain walked into her shop on or about 14 June,1994,bared his arm and submitted to the 90-minute treatment without a murmur. After the tattoo had been completed she said Bain got up from the couch,paid his money and left. Of course it is always possible that by the time McNeish spoke to her she may have forgotten the date.

Another interesting thing about that tattoo is that David told his aunt[Mrs Clark] that the tattoo was for all the pets he had loved and lost. He said he got the tattoo when Sasha ,his Alsatian dog,died. That was in her deposition statement. But because Sasha died in November 1993,it was assumed to be remote from the crimes.
So David Bain lied about when he had that tattoo done. And you have to wonder why.

ON re-readng thte Binnie interview with Bain, I see Bain basically calls his aunt a liar, regarding the tattoo.
Joe Karam in his first book also wrote about the tattoo, and criticised James McNeish as having got it all wrong in TMOS. McNeish interviewed the tattooist in question in researching his book. I am not sure where Karam got his info apart form David's account, which is at odds with the Tattooist's account. Did Karam interview the tattooist for 'David and Goliath'?
Michael Sharp in researching HIS book also spoke again to the tattooist in question. She confirmed that McNeish had interviewed her, and again stated that the tattoo was done approximately one week before the murders, and that David Bain came in with an idea of what design he wanted.
So we have David giving one account to Joe Karam and Ian Binnie, and the tattoooist giving a different account to James McNeish and Michael Sharp. According to his aunt David discussed the tattoo with her just after the murders, and according to David Bain that is not true. One wonders why the Aunt would lie. One wonders if Joe Karam relied on David's word before criticising James McNeish as making innacurate claims in TMOS, or if Joe Karam took the trouble to interview the tattooist in question, himself.?
The tattooist's story has not changed in 20 years, and Michael Sharp confimed this in his book. So we have 2 books giving an account at odds with Joe Karam's book. I wonder who got it correct after all?

David Bain had a tattoo done a week prior to the family deaths. The tattoo symbolised love and death: red rose rising, black arm band, feathers descending.  He told the police he had no identifying tattoos.  He told the prison warden that he'd had it for two years.