Police to retest David Bain's gun

Police, in the presence of Joe Karam and other stakeholders will carry out tests on David Bain's gun in light of the recent claims regarding parallel lines on Robin Bain's thumb in a photo taken at the crime scene which was the subject of a documentary in June on 3rd Degree called Smoking Gun.


Does anyone think David planted any evidence at all against his father? The reason for asking this is that one of the most puzzling(and disturbing)aspects of this case is with all the evidence against him how could David possibly hope to get away with his crimes? I'd also like to know the feeling amongst New Zealanders in general:has there been David Bain overkill(if you'll pardon the pun)or is this still very much an active investigation with the prospect of compensation for David on the horizon?

That's why I wondered whether David could have fabricated evidence by rubbing his father's finger along the workings. I'm also wondering why Ian Binnie's report was commissioned in the first place if it was not to be honoured?


Well -- surprise, surprise.  The police have retested the rifle under strictly controlled conditions and the fingerprint and firearms experts have concluded that the parallel lines on Robin's thumb were not related to loading the rifle magazine.

This beat up by the Bain Team has backfired and done more harm than good to their cause.